About Us

About us

SSS Ltd is a Research and Development Company which invents and fund technological products. Additionally, SSS Ltd runs various knowledge transfer programs with the involvement of the R&D division to train Mathematics and Physics graduates and create a much-needed workforce for the technology sector.

The R&D division is currently on projects related to epilepsy, Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and early detection for Alzheimer and Strokes. SSS Ltd also offer solutions to local companies, as well as the global industry in science and technology.

The world is slowly realizing that traditional degrees are taking too long to complete and are not producing the workforce required by the industry, especially in mathematics and physics. Therefore, to fill this gap, SSS Ltd will offer a training diploma in mathematics/biomathematics which will give a career path to these students.

SSS Ltd offers funding to entrepreneurs who have innovative, profitable and scalable business ideas. This funding will be given on a sharing basis by contributing up-to 50% of the cost of the project for a mutually agreeable share in the company.

SSS Ltd is registered under registartion number SC668054 at 32 Allerdyce Drive, Glasgow, UK